No membership fees

All businesses and communities that serve marine tourists may register as a stakeholder at no cost.


Without the barrier of membership fees, AHOY BC is able to include all host marinas/harbours and communities on its website. That gives the boater a complete picture.

Opt-in to promotions

Only registered stakeholders will be offered opportunities to participate in AHOY BC marketing initiatives.

Stretch Your Marketing $$

AHOY BC currently receives funding to support marketing from Destination BC. That means that your payments for marketing are matched with partnered dollars. The results are lower costs to stakeholders and greater marketing reach.

Collaborative promotions

AHOY BC will offer stakeholders opportunities to collaborate on marketing initiatives, such as print media advertising, travel media and consumer show representation.

Widen your web

Digital media collaboration allows all partners to extend their reach to more markets and potential customers.  Stakeholders will receive greater exposure of their websites when they are listed on Stakeholders may submit items to the Facebook and Twitter pages. Some promotional offers will include links to your social media accounts.

Brand benefits

AHOY BC markets the entire coast to the world as a destination product. By working together under a cohesive AHOY BC brand we can strengthen awareness of BC as a world-class boating destination.  The AHOY BC brand will align its core values and imagery with the provincial Super, Natural BC brand.  Stakeholders who align with the AHOY BC brand will benefit from the power of the Super, Natural BC brand.

Market Research

Stakeholders will have access to our market research summaries. Our sources of data are surveys and the Explorer Quotient (EQ) consumer-profiling tool that is sub-licensed by Destination BC from Destination Canada.

Strength in numbers

The stakeholder model opens the door to hundreds of businesses and communities. A wide stakeholder base increases the likelihood of public funding and gives the marine tourism sector a collective voice and an increased stature.

Eligible voter

Registered stakeholders may vote at the Annual General Meeting of BCOBTA. They may also place items on the AGM agenda.

Main image at top of page: Aerial photo of Ganges. Credit: John Cameron