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Put the spotlight on your community, harbour or marina with the help of the AHOY BC digital marketing partnership program.

Leverage your $2,000 investment 12X into a $24,000 collaborative ocean boating tourism marketing program. We match your $2000 investment, so you get double the exposure $2000 would buy and we widen our reach with a multi-stakeholder pool of funds.

The campaign will be managed by The Web Advisors.

AHOY BC Digital Marketing Partnership Program


  • Reach the high-end ocean boating market
  • Engage users with relevant content
  • Facilitate click thrus to participating partner websites for further information and sales conversion
  • Increase awareness and provide information about British Columbia as an ocean boating destination
  • Provide cookie pools of qualified visitors to respective partners for remarketing thereafter


  • March-June 2019


  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Washington

Target Audience:

  • Interest/Affinity — in boating/travel based on Facebook & Google audience targeting
  • Context — placement within contextually relevant content or on terms
  • Look-alike — using visitors to AHOYBC.com as seed data
  • In-market — users more likely ready to purchase given near end stage in purchase funnel
  • Retargeting — non-engaged users


  • Create a campaign landing page within AHOYBC.com
    • Featuring grid functionality to randomly serve participating stakeholders image with either text or logo overlay
    • Destination links from the dedicated landing page to stakeholder websites
    • 3-4 calls to action — Newsletter, Guide, Video, Map
  • Digital Display Advertising
    • Use a combination of Facebook and Google Native Ads, as well as Database Marketing to drive qualified visitors to campaign landing page
    • Use a variety of creative performing A/B tests on implementation to determine best performance and hone therefrom
    • Audience refinement with campaign learning


  • Incredible Pacific Coast scenery boasting remarkable ocean boating opportunities.
  • Travellers enjoying the ocean boating lifestyle.

Landing Page Creative

Sample Ad Creative

Sample Ads - Creative Specs

Spend and Exposure Summary:

  • $24,000 Campaign, based on 6 program partner partners participating
  • Managed by The Web Advisors marketing agency.
  • Estimated Impressions*: 1.8 Million
  • Estimated Clicks to Website Landing Page*: 3600

*estimated CPM $16, average display ad click thru rate at .2%

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Engaged Site Visits
    • greater than 10 second session
    • scroll tracking past 50%
  • Click thrus to participating partner sites
  • Awareness Conversion
    • E-Newsletter Subscriptions
    • Guide Downloads
    • Video Views